Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why El Oso? Why?

El Oso, El Oso,
Why dost thou persecutest me so.
I write, I try, but everything is too low

I wish some day, to write something
To make you smile, or to make you sing

Turns out sometimes, nothing can be done.
So you try it. Gol. I sit here and just suck at poems (on purpose) Geez. What on earth do you want from me?


  1. I mean, it was okay for a bit. Then you gave up during the last stanza. However, I understand your pitiful mortal shame and persecution complexes, so... C-

    The bear giveth and the bear taketh away.

  2. Some say El Oso
    is a bad guy so

    I write this to state
    let go of your hate

    Oh Waffle Cheese, please
    put yourself at ease

    I say this in jest
    For I am the best

    big bear that's around
    that your blog has found

    so brother be cool
    or you'll look the fool

    oh yeah, and P S
    I now must confess

    I was being facetious
    and poetry is easy.

    A+ to me