Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The made up word poem#1

Fliggle to brig tiggle
Flout groud mcdout
Wrat sprig to piggle
Robnut trosh stopout

Driphow frot ro still?
Nobblet grats quacrow?
Lobbrud vel extrail
Gandool . . . raz buquo.


  1. Quacrow is a real word. Its an eight winged crow, native to the wilds of Guadalajara Jalisco. Qua, from the Spanish root "quattro", meaning "four", for its for sets of wings. And crow, from the Spanish root "elcrowo", meaning "crow". Incidentally, a buoquo is what the quacrow excretes. Its like guano.
    There are actually buoquoladores in Guadalajara that make it their profession to gather the buoquo as, when properly treated, it makes for a better clay substitute for use in pottery and clay house building. I must give it a C-. l2research

  2. El Oso,

    I thank you for your comment, but I don't know if you have your research done correctly... See, quacrow is not a Spanish derivative as you have suggested.

    It is actually derived from Nambristibese. A made up language from Ungrat. Also, of the land of make-believe. It comes from the word 'Quacroh' which means, 'A misspelling of the word 'Quacrow' This being said, the word is not derived from Spanish, as you would believe. It is, in fact, a made. up. word.

  3. Some people's ignorance is just overwhelming. F minus, sir. F minus, indeed.