Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I do know Pete
Don't ask to repeat. 
I shall do it only once
Next time just say 'what?'

(because to ask: 'Please sir, would you be so kind to repeat what you said' is stupider than, 'what?')

(Also, explaining jokes and poems is lame. I'll only do it a few more times..... maybe 10. Or more. Or less, but it will definitely be a number of times.)

I have a cell phone

I'm looking around my desk
I have a cell phone there
Sometimes I use it, At times I lose it,
But it always has a glare.

One time I called my mother
She asked me who it was.
I told her who, But she didn't knew
It was a butt dial while on the loo.

Singing songs of joy and digestion

Oooooooh! I sing a song
Laaaaaaaa! I'm singing it proud
Dooooooo! I lure you in with my subtlety
Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Now you are in my trap

'This is the soooong that never eeeends'
Now you slowly die of insanity.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Itchy But . . .

I am itchy but . . .
I kinda am a nut.
I'm stuck here in this rut, 
Otherwise known as a butt. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Listening to music

I am listening to music,
It has sad lyrics for sure.
I think I'll change the song, though
Because it's melody cannot lure.

Actually, I think I'm happy
I'll change to a song with this
I just want to dance and sing once
Cause I'm in a state of bliss

Oh, man, I'm super angry now
Let me listen to some Satan Death Punk
So I can burn those that eat muh cheetoes!

Oh wait, here it is. Fell in my belly button.