Friday, November 5, 2010

What NOT to do

Make sure you don't lie,
or eat chicken that is fried.
Make sure to look both ways
And never offend the gays
Make sure to use a laser
And be judicious with your taser
Never tip too low
And never partake of blow

Forget all your worries
And don't throw away your Furby's
Stay away from poison
And please stay out of prison
The best advice, now hear
Ignore it and despair
If you touch the remote again,
I will seriously lose it. I'm not even joking. I'm sick of watching soap operas. Change it back to Spongebob, or I'll eat all of your cereal. I'm so not even joking.


  1. Legen

    I hope none of your readers are lactose intolerent


  2. I resent you telling me what to do. Everyone knows that Furby is a tool of the Deceiver, and should be burned in righteous fire. Stuff your sorries in a sock. A carro entornado, todos son caminos. For shame. F-