Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frozen Yogurt

If you've ever been out to sea,
wanting freedom, or wanting a boat,
The ocean is where you find it

If you've even been in the sky,
Wanting adventure, wanting a plane,
The atmosphere is where you find it.

If you've ever been in love
Wanting acceptance, wanting peace
Then a spouse is where you find it.

If you've ever been to Fat camp,
Wanting skinny, wanting control,
Then you'll need to exercise.


  1. Poetry comes from the Greek word "poema", a noun derived from the verb "poie-o", which means, "to make or do".

    What you have here is not TO MAKING any sense, amirite? Ohohoho. F-

  2. Also poems are supposed to rhyme. WHAT UP

  3. I find frozen yogurt at the local Maverik.
    I especially like it with mini m&m's.
    I find it most delicious.

  4. Whoo ho ho Roberta! I might need you to guest blog a couple-a times!

    Haha, no, for reals... how y'all doing?