Friday, November 5, 2010

The old man and the beard

I knew an old man, Nice as could be
Never got mad and very easy to please

One day I tried, tried to clean my teeth
The old man had an idea, to help me in my feat

He said take my beard, gnaw with all your might
Use my beard for floss, for teeth, clean and bright.


  1. That poeaema speaks true to the heart and the soul of those who are just and righteous. Except it doesn't. We pogonologists are a persecuted lot, and labor under such laborious stereotypes on a daily basis, and suffer such hateful pejoratives as "Soup Beard", "Floss Beard", "El Bearderino". Actually, that last one was okay. But not the others. I can't help but feel like its hateful hate spew like this that will always strive to keep the bearded man down. D-

  2. El Oso,

    I would have to respectfully disagree... See, this poem is more pejorative to the un-brushed teeth-wise.

    As you may see, the bearded man was nice.

    The filthy mouthed was he that can't pick stuff out of his teeth.

    If you ask me, beards make you more suitable as a person, place, or thing.

  3. I see your pandering and philandering, Dairy-Covered-or-Based-Breakfast-Food. I will play your game. But remember the plight of the bearded man is fraught on all sides with peril. Most perilous. Revised Grade: D

  4. Pander as I may, I still feel your message has offended me, the author.

    It's these types of lactose-induced-comments that make those lactose-intolerant people continue to walk as 2nd class citizens.

  5. Your poetry is filled to the brim with agnostic vibes. Your agnotismismism would make grown men blush.

  6. Serves me right for writing in 1 draft.

  7. I am sorry that you chose to be offended. You Milkies aren't really real people. The most recent totally existent polls have you Daeries as being worth .65 people. True story. Re-Revised Grade: D-