Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making Delicious Food

There are many things I like,
Like flowers, newborns and fudge
Mixing them all up together
Tastes like rancid acne-juice sludge.

Religion poem

Some people believe in God,
Some people believe in Dogs.
Some people want to be saved
Some people to have no grave

Some people think about things
Some people in Heaven want wings
Some people want to cross a bridge
Some people in Hell want a fridge

Most people worship TVs
Most people save Reece's
Most people don't know
That I like to throw snow.

The End.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Haiku #15

Hooray for Swingsets
They are really fun to me
Except I'm 30.

Alphabet #3

A is for 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!' Or the sound I made when I jumped out of the airplane
B is for 'Bowels,' or what released once I found out my parachute didn't work
C is for 'crap' or what I said and released on the way down.
D is for 'dream' or what I wished I had, but I didn't wake up with the falling feeling
E is for 'earth' or what is coming up quickly.
F is for the 'F' word, or what I was wanting to say but didn't because that wouldn't have been a nice last word to say.
G is for 'God' or whom I might meet soon
H is for 'height of 18,000 feet' or the amount of space I have to think about what to do
I is for 'idea' cause now I have one
J is for 'jacket' or what I'm about to take off
K is for 'kite' or what I might want to make the jacket into to make it so I don't fall so fast
L is for 'little' for the amount of time I have.
M is for 'Monkey' or what I looked like trying to take of the jacket
N is for 'Now I have it! I'll just aim for the mashed potato mountain!!'
O is for 'One mile away' or how far  it was from me at this point
P is for 'pavement, or what I hit instead'
Q is for 'quickly' or how long it took me to not live anymore.
R is for 'really no point in continuing, you know the end of the story. It didn't work. The mashed potato mountain was actually a low-lying cloud.'

What's wrong with people?!

I walk into a room,
And everybody screams
I then go to the store,
People shun me, it seems

I called my neighbor,
to see what's the matter.
She quickly jumped from the window
And on the ground, she did splatter

Depressed, I went back home
And took a look in the mirror.
I had a huge zit on my face,
I then died, from the terror.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April's Fool

I walked out side my house today,
And was hit by a cream pie
I went to work with a nice suit,
It got ruined with tie-dye.

I ate lunch with four buddies
2 of them changed religion
That's not so bad itself,
But they threw me in a dungeon.

Just before I clock out,
My manager says to me
You're getting kinda fat for this,
Clean out your desk and leave

On my way home today
I went to binge on fast food
I ordered my food and paid,
And found out my wife's a dude.

I wasn't feeling very good
About this day at all
stupid April, stupid fools,
revenge will come - in the fall.