Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Every single time.

Every single time I sing,
A bird comes in and joins along.
Every time I do a dance,
A faint breeze joins in the throng

Every single time I see
Happy angels come and give no fuss
Every time I cry out loud
Everyone says I'm such a wuss.


  1. Wuss and Fuss don't really rhyme. But Karen Carpenter preempts my scorn. Because you

    Don’t worry that it’s not

    Good enough for anyone

    Else to hear

    Just sing, sing a song

    Grudging D+

  2. El Oso strikes again, with his pinpointed critique and witty remarks. Who can stand against such a force?

  3. Your snark and sass countered Ms. Carpenter. You've earned yourself your F-, Snarkerlupagus.