Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What ever happened to soda?

There is a war ranging on
It all started on my lawn

We even tried to ask Yoda,
Is it 'pop' or is it 'soda'?

We went to the school
And our teacher said it's cool

No matter what you say,
It is right either way.

I didn't believe her
And it started a big stir

I sooo will win in this war
It's what I'm fighting for

We went to the college
And asked professor Bidge

He told us he didn't know,
He was busy eating roe.

I then went to the state,
They told me I was too late.

I then went to the Senate
They said they'll answer around Lent

I decided to fight it out
So my buddy and I had a rout.

Naturally I'm stronger
So doubt, there is none longer.

With a headlock he said uncle
And he said 'I'm a fool'

Because you're stronger than crap
It is 'soda' and not 'pop'.

Obviously, he was from Wisconsin.

1 comment:

  1. The great state of Wisconsin deserves better than such snide snidery to end. You must learn not to attack and belittle, as it is unbecoming. Shame on you. Shame. On. You. F-