Thursday, February 9, 2012

To play drums or peel oranges?

I woke up this morning, wondering how to win
Shall I play the drums, and get good at them, Jim?

"No you should not. That's a stupid thing to do,
You suck at rhythm, and you'll turn us all blue."

'Okay, I said to him, while shutting the door hinge,
I'll go right ahead, and peel this ripe orange'

See that? I rhymed with orange!

1 comment:

  1. I've instituted a new policy. I will guide you through where you have (so thoroughly) failed in this poem.

    L1 - 13 syllables / 11 syllables. No match. No rhyme. FAIL (F-)

    L2 - 11 syllables / 11 syllables. Yes match. Yes rhyme. PASS (D)

    L3 - 12 syllables / 11 syllables. No match. Sort of rhymes. Not Pass (F+)

    Did it make sense? No -> Fail (F)

    Did it have bears? No -> Fail (F--)

    Aggregate: F-