Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Golf Today

I got a new set of clubs,
I'm so excited to use them.
They're not the kind you hit stuff with
Those are for the cavemen.

They are totally golf ones,
And are nice and shiny and new.
I'm going to the golf course
To see if my drive is true

I know it's midnight,
But I can really see.
But each time I smack the club
I couldn't ever hit the green

In fact, I couldn't hit the fairway
The sandtrap, or the trees.
Wth is happening here?
I thought I would have some glee!

I cannot golf today,
Maybe in 3 months I'll try
Turns out it's hard to golf
With snow 3 feet high

1 comment:

  1. I don't actually expect that you did golf. Or can golf. Or would be allowed to golf.

    As it is a refined sport. A gentleman's sport. A sport of kings.

    Not THE sport of kings, because that's ping pong. A sport of kings and peasants alike, it is.

    But I digress.