Friday, February 17, 2012

My Dream Last Night #1

In the middle of the night last night,
I was wrestling a bear.
I then was in a tree,
That with his claws did tear.

I ran down a tube,
Full of fluorescent lights
Then I was in Switzerland
My wife was wearing tights.

Walking down a sideways wall
The bear came back again
I couldn't figure out his name,
So I just called him 'Lame'

The next Tuesday,
it was summer
I ate a dollhouse
And became a drummer

I wasn't very good at it
And the bear ripped my face
I tackled him and fought him well
And choked him with some lace

He died, but came back to life
It freaked me out real bad
So I challenge him to a duel
With lightsabers which made him sad

Doesn't really matter, though
Cause then I was a hero
I showed everyone my badge
To convince them I'm not a zero

They totally bought it
And that made me glad
Cause actually I was a fraud
Don't tell them, they'll be mad

Coming down from the hill
My pants were off in class
My teeth fell out which sucked real bad
I replaced them with some brass

Dreams are weird they screw you up
The whole day it's a bother
At least when I choked the bear
It wasn't my pillow..... Just my brother

1 comment:

  1. Night and tree don't rhyme.

    Tube and Switzerland don't rhyme.

    Life and duel don't rhyme.

    Though and badge don't rhyme.

    Bother and brother don't really rhyme either. They have the same letters though, 'cept for the "r".

    Hill and bad also don't rhyme.

    It and fraud don't rhyme. But ironically, "it", this poem, is a fraud, as it's not really a poem. Because poems rhyme, you see.

    Well, actually you don't, which is why this keeps happening.

    And what is this bad/sad crap? A one eyed walrus child with rabbit feet and squirrel ears could make that up.

    You should be ashamed. I shouldn't, really, but I try to expect more from you, despite the continual astounding failure.