Friday, October 29, 2010

The Alphabet #1

A is for Author, the guy writing this poem
B is for Ben, the name of the author
C is for crappy, the style of this poem
D is for the grade I’d get if I turned this in at school
E is for Mrs Ellis, the teacher I turned this in to,
F is for the grade she almost gave me, but I cried and she had mercy
G is for glad, the feeling I felt after that happened
H is for happy, which is less than glad
I is for igloo, the house I never lived in
J is for ‘just joking’ I live in one last year
K is for klown, the way I used to spell it
L is for laugh, or what kids did when I spelled it wrong
M is for mistake, the thing I made when I spelled the real word wrong.
N is for ‘no this has nothing to do with what you’ve been talking about’
O is for ‘oh, I’m sorry, I’ll get back on track then’
P is for Poem, or the original thing we were talking about
Q is for quit, or what I’ll do after the z letter
R is for rhombus, cause I saw one today just before I turned in the poem
S is for soup, or what we were eating when I told my mom I got a D
T is for ticked off because my mom was that .
U is for ‘upstairs’ because that is where my room is that my mom told me to go to
V is for volume because my mom’s voice had that
W is for ‘why didn’t I just use ‘voice’ in the previous thing for ‘v”
X is for x-ray, because it always just is.
Y is for ‘you better stop writing this poem’
Z is for ‘zzz’ cause that is what you’re all saying, even though snoring sounds more like ‘kkkkkgoooh kkkkgggooooh’ which has no z’s in it.

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