Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Philosophies #1

If you're ever asked to eat something
-Make sure it's not poison
 -Unless you already did and are okay with it

If you're ever told to jump off a cliff
 -Make sure you're not by one
  -Unless the person that told you to do so deserves a shove

If you're ever asked to apologize
 -Make sure it was something bad
  -Unless you get paid for taking the rap for someone. And it's enough to get a TV from it. 

If you ever are asked to babysit
 -Make sure they pay you a fair share
  -Unless you can get more from the sale of the baby


  1. I can't help but notice a lack of resolve. You are platitudinously trying to laugh away a very clear lack of moral fiber, with so cracked a foundation. Also, selling babies is illegal and immoral. I'd pray to the Spaghetti Monster in the Sky for your soul, if I believed in either. F-

  2. I get your header graphic, now. You're sowing the seeds of badness, just like how irritating dandelions spread...