Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I'm sorry I threw the refrigerator out,
And threw some dog guts at the spout.

Sorry I arranged a marriage for Spock
Changed a tire, but took out the shocks.

Sorry I blamed global warming on your Dad,
Cut down a tree with a fish, that was real bad.

Sorry I frisbee-d your fine china in France
I wanted to win a bet, I took a bad chance

I sniffed some markers, till I got high
Went to church naked, and slapped someone's thigh.

I also broke wind, in my job interview
He coughed and choked, on his own spew.

I try really hard, this weekend wasn't bliss
Even though I'll do it again, I need your forgiveness.


  1. Are you riding the white pony? Forgiveness: DENIED.

  2. Keep sure to keep your poems around for editing in the future. As for the coke comment, it's very likely this person is on something...but so where some of the greatest minds in history. I thought it was funny and a little obnoxious but I like that kind of thing, it shows personality. I really think you can expand on your "badness" and create something great.

  3. Thank you, Ramona,
    I would agree. I don't think El Oso knows what he's talking about.

    I WILL write, I WILL try, I WILL believe, and I WILL conquer.

    Thank you for the inspiration to change my life.