Monday, January 3, 2011

Alphabet #3

A is for Arithmetic,
B is for Body Building
C is for Crafts and
D is for Dominoes.
E is for Exercise
F is for Fluid Dynamics
G is for Geology
H is for Hellenic history.
I is for igloo construction
J is for Juxtapositioning.
K is for kick boxing
L is for lumbar supporting
M is for metric system
N is for Napping during a living room fight
O is for opening a can of soda in space
P is for peering through a muddy telescope
Q is for questioning the authority of an astrophysicist that also is good at water polo.
R is for resisting arrest for unauthorized velcro wearing when the cops wear the opposite velcro attachment on their hands
S is for steering away from elephants in a snowstorm.
T is for trusting satanic cults
U is for unveiling the secrets of the universe
V is for vacationing on the moon and also Albania in the same week
W is for waiting for the cows to come home on the back of flying pigs
X is for x-raying a broken coccyx without laughing
Y is for yodeling naked in a loincloth and eating Saltines
Z is for zeroing in on what this list is all about......

Yes, my friends, it is a list of things I personally find hard to do.

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