Saturday, April 9, 2011

Alphabet #3

A is for 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!' Or the sound I made when I jumped out of the airplane
B is for 'Bowels,' or what released once I found out my parachute didn't work
C is for 'crap' or what I said and released on the way down.
D is for 'dream' or what I wished I had, but I didn't wake up with the falling feeling
E is for 'earth' or what is coming up quickly.
F is for the 'F' word, or what I was wanting to say but didn't because that wouldn't have been a nice last word to say.
G is for 'God' or whom I might meet soon
H is for 'height of 18,000 feet' or the amount of space I have to think about what to do
I is for 'idea' cause now I have one
J is for 'jacket' or what I'm about to take off
K is for 'kite' or what I might want to make the jacket into to make it so I don't fall so fast
L is for 'little' for the amount of time I have.
M is for 'Monkey' or what I looked like trying to take of the jacket
N is for 'Now I have it! I'll just aim for the mashed potato mountain!!'
O is for 'One mile away' or how far  it was from me at this point
P is for 'pavement, or what I hit instead'
Q is for 'quickly' or how long it took me to not live anymore.
R is for 'really no point in continuing, you know the end of the story. It didn't work. The mashed potato mountain was actually a low-lying cloud.'

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