Monday, July 25, 2011

I wonder

I wonder why we live, why we die, why we eat.

I wonder who we are, who we marry, what we ate.

I wonder how we live, how we lived and how we poke

I wonder why on this cinnamon roll, I did choke.

*stick out tongue
*put x's on eyes
*get embalmed
*have funeral
*jump up because of some nerve misfires
*scare grandma
*she dies
*sticks out tongue
*gets embalmed
*just has a normal funeral
*everyone eats potatoes
*no one chokes
*story ends.


  1. Most normal people (read: people who aren't as awesome as I) make resolutions once per year.

    Me? I make resoultions pretty much daily, due to how resolute I am.

    One such resolution was a resolve to hold my silvered golden tongue and let you continue to wallow in your mediocrity.

    I am only *slighty* reneging on that with this.

    First, I do applaud the fact you have now learned how to rhyme at least some of the time (yeah, that one was a freebie).

    I won't even go into the measure or the beat or anything like that, as they are all eclipsed by the complete mess that is the entire second half.

    Each stanza is like the crystalline twang of an angel crying, and as a pure hearted soul it hurts me just to see it.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again a few different ways.

    Poems. Rhyme.
    Poemas. Rima.
    Básně. Rým.
    Стихотворения. Рифма.
    Runot. Loppusointu


  2. po·et·ry   
    [poh-i-tree] Show IPA
    the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.
    literary work in metrical form; verse.
    prose with poetic qualities.

    Last I checked, nothing about rhyming. Just rhythmic-isms....

  3. Did you not see the multilingual rant?

    Poems. Rhyme.
    Poemas. Rima.
    Básně. Rým.
    Стихотворения. Рифма.
    Runot. Loppusointu

    Poems are not poems unless they rhyme. Its a scientific fact.

    Instead of looking it up in a BOOK, I looked it up in MY GUT, which matters more.

  4. I also looked it up in a book. tionary.

    That virulent mouth spew is completely *not* characterized by great beauty of language or expression.


  5. El Oso has an afro,
    And uses a pic in it.

    In his hair he found a bow,
    Which in his hand did fit.

    One day He sold it for some dough,
    and went and bought a mit.

    The next day it was run over by a car and ruined.

  6. While I do appreciate the mention of both my fro and my bow, I'm not sure about the car parts. And not because I'm not mechanically-inclined, as I am a wizard when it comes to mechanics and robotics and what not, but moreso the parts of that that referred to cars ruining my day.